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Birthmarks Treatment

Birthmark are marks, pigments and skin abnormalities present on the body since birth. They can be permanent and grow as your body grows or can be temporary and fade away with time. A permanent birthmark can be treated using lasers or with the help of surgical methods. At Derma Miracle, we treat the pigmented birthmarks with advanced lasers which penetrate into the skin and destroy the abnormal pigments and induce melanin to produce new pigments which are similar to the other parts of the body. Birthmarks which are raised and irregular in shape can be removed either via surgical methods or lasers.

Causes of Birthmark

Birthmark patches are caused due to the accumulation of capillaries under the skin and most of the time specialist believe that proteins produced by placenta during pregnancy may be on higher risk of developing  birthmarks.

Types of Birthmark

Pigmented Birthmarks : In this type of Birthmark more pigments are accumulated in one part of your skin. It’s like a spot on your skin.
Cafe-au-lait spot : In this ,Birthmark is in light brown, when they’re in sunlight.
Mongolian spots : In this Spots are gray-blue.
Salmon patches : Here marks are flat and kind of pink or red.
Hemangiomas : It is bright red and look like the strawberry fruit.
Port wine stains : Birthmark color is like wine or grape juice : pink, red or purple.

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