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Follicular Unit Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant or strip harvesting method is a traditional method of hair transplant wherein, the surgeon harvest or cuts a strip of skin from the back head donor area of the head of the patient. This area has fully grown, thick and dense hair. A single, double or triple bladed scalpel is used to remove the strip of the skin containing graft. This strip can be 1-1.5 cm in width and 15-30 cm and length. After the removal of the strip of the skin, the doctor cuts the script into numerous little pieces and extract graft from these pieces of the skin. These extracted graphs are then implanted into the required area while the open wound is stitched by the surgeon leaving a small and thin visible scar behind. This method is now not into trend as this method has

become obsolete due to advancements in technology of hair transplantation. There are certain drawbacks connected with the Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT method of hair transplantation like in FUT method of hair transplantation not more than 2000 to 2500 grafts can be extracted from the back donor area.
An area which is extracted by cutting a strip of the skin leaves a scar behind which have down time period of about a month. People having big bald area cannot opt for FUT procedure as a single strip will not be able to cover the entire area as it may only provide 2000 grafts. In case of people having a concerned area requiring more than 2000 grafts, it’s not considered as a good option for hair transplantation.

Precautions after Follicular Unit Transplant

After 30 minutes of the Follicular Unit Transplant , you will get permission to go home, but our Dermatologist not allow to drive.
An FUT hair transplant will leave a scar on the scalp,New hair growth will start from three or four months after the procedure. It will take at least approximately a year for new hair to make .

How much Follicular Unit Transplant costs in Delhi NCR?

Hair Transplant Concerns | Follicular Unit Transplant in Delhi

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