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Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant

Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant

Beard and Moustache Transplant is one of the most demanding hair transplants among men. Beard and moustache hair transplant is done in order to restore the growth of facial hair in men. Beard and moustache hair transplant is done either by implanting the hair which is extracted from the back head or from the chest.

In a beard and moustache hair transplant, in order to make it look more natural with all the hair growing in their righteous direction, a hair transplant surgeon needs to make slits by measuring and analysing each hair angle accurately.

Advantages of Beard and Moustache Transplant –
Beard Transplant isn’t very painful,
Beard Transplant doesn’t require much recovery time,
The procedure does not take more than 5 hours,
It’s natural and so act like a normal beard,
Beard transplants don’t require very much recovery time. Other than light redness or swelling for a few days following the transplant, there are virtually no side effects.

At Derma Miracle –
At Derma Miracle, we ensure the painless and effective hair transplant treatments that make your hair growth within the minimum time period. There can be many causes for hair loss like hormonal variations, scalp/face infections, and hair pulling disorders.

Dr. Navnit Haror is the Senior Doctor at Derma Miracle. He is able to provide you with 100% results for beard and moustache transplant treatments on any scalp skin type. To get the complete results you are required to undergo multiple treatment sessions depending upon the growth and sensitivity of your skin.

How much Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant cost in Delhi?

Hair Transplant Concerns | Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant in Delhi

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