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Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

At Derma Miracle, we provide effective and affordable laser treatment for hair removal. People tend to get tired from regular shaving, painful waxing and using hair removal creams which do nothing but make your skin look darker and cause itching.

Dr. Navnit Haror, at DermaMiracle is a specialised doctor in aesthetics. He is able to provide you 100% results of hair removal on any skin type without causing any damage to the skin, but to get complete results you are required to undergo multiple laser session depending upon the growth and thickness of the hairs.

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There are many fat cells present beneath the layers of the skin which exists next to the arteries. They absorb the extra nutrients coming out of the arteries and starts getting larger in size. After absorbing nutrients, they start sucking blood from the supply. As more blood goes through them they take up the shape of large bubbles below the skin. These fat balloons hold each other leaving very minor spaces in between. These minor spaces hold the skin with the muscles. The fat cell accumulates and pushes out the skin giving it bubbles like appearance is called cellulite.
As cellulite has become a common issue these days that about 80%of the women throughout the world are suffering from this implying no home remedies or heavy workouts are helpful for its removal. Dr. Navnit Haror, an internationally trained doctor, have came forward with an advanced surgical treatment of cellulite. While almost all the surgeon in India use traditional treatment of inserting laser beam under the layers of the skin and melt the fast cells directly with the help of laser beam. We, at DermaMiracle use advanced lasers which is applied on the top of the skin. The laser treatment is painless, affordable and requires no downtime. These lasers help in the complete removal of cellulite.

Change in living standards of people since last few decades are accompanied by changes in the diet, environment, work and habits. People are taking improper and unhealthy diet and doing less physical work which leads to obesity. Obesity affects areas like belly, thighs, arms, neck and other several parts of the body. Bringing these areas back to shape and making them lean and perfect, is called slimming.
Various kind of surgical and laser treatments are available for slimming. Generally, people having excess weight or visibly saggy layers of fat are suggested to choose lipo treatment which removes fat from your hips, belly, thighs, neck, back, arms and face. It also includes facelifts, breast reduction and tummy tucks. Laser treatments like HIFU & ND-YAG lasers are also available for slimming.

Weightloss or decrease in overall bodyweight is done by reducing the amount of fat and fluid in the body. It’s not hidden that obesity leads to several health issues including heart diseases, respiratory problems, low stamina and complication in doing routine work. DermaMiracle provides advanced laser treatment for weightloss with no post procedure discomfort. With the help of our advanced laser technology, we are able to remove all the unwanted body fat and reshape your body giving it your desired look.

Body shaping or contouring treatment reshapes your body. After losing fat the previously fat or obese people are left with excess skin or saggy fat folds on their belly, arms, legs, chest and torso. An Aesthetic doctor redefines the muscles of these areas bringing them back to shape. The doctor removes excess fat using advanced lasers which helps in weightloss, toning and redefines muscles into visibly smooth skin, wonderful curves and provides you beautiful, toned and sculpted vitals.

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