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Smile Lines

Smile Lines

“A thing of beauty stays forever”, rightly said by a wise person. Smile is one of the most beautiful thing about human face. A smile can win hearts, it can make someone happy, can impress, attract and do miracles. So, why not we freeze this beauty with us as we age. Well, it’s not that difficult, your dermatologist can surely help you to keep your smile as beautiful as it was during your 20s.
The beauty of the smile fades due to aging as gravity pull our cheek’s fat pads down and as a result of regular muscle movement the ligaments attached to the lips start getting loose and sag. While, the collagen formation process of the body decreases. The sagging of skin near lips and smile lines can be corrected with the help of fillers, threads, Botox or ultherapy. During the initial stage, when the smile line start occurring we can just simply get rid of them

with the help of Botox which relaxes the muscles near lips which gets active when we smile, forming fine smile lines. As we age these fine smile lines start getting rigid and are noticeable even if the person is not smiling. For such rigid lines fillers can be used which fills the deep lines by forming superficial layer of collagen and increases the elasticity of the skin and makes the skin look smoother. While on the other hand, sagging of the skin near lips or jawls can be corrected with the help of ultherapy and/or threads. These threads work as artificial ligaments and binds the skin and muscles at their own place and ultherapy reduces the amount of sagged fat. Hence, a good advice and treatment from your dermatologist as per your signs of imperfections can help you get your perfect radiant smile back.

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