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dermapen treatment

Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen is a pencil-shaped device that contains a terminal with microneedles that are electronically operated and allow micro perforations to be performed on the skin.

These micro perforations have 2 fundamental objectives:

  1. Create micro skin lesions that activate the entire collagen and elastin biosynthesis cascade which will lead to skin redensification, reaffirmation and hydration
  2. Create channels where they can penetrate active principles and highly improve their effectiveness by transporting them to the desired skin layer. In this case, we will use various compounds for hydration , collagen regeneration and rejuvenation of skin .

Dermapen is not invasive and that is the great advantage over traditional Injected Mesotherapy .
It can be used on both face and body and we get results at the time but also lasting.
PRX-T33 is a combination of TCA and hydrogen peroxide that allows the dermis to create a powerful biostimulatory effect, which will be reinforced by the effects of Dermapen itself.
The treatment is painless, fast, non-invasive and has no side effects.
PRXt-33 is performed by our officially trained dermatologist for this procedure and with a lot of experience with exceptional results.

Dermapen treatment with PRX-T33

After treatment you can notice some tightness in the skin that disappears over time to achieve results based on luminosity, density, and skin texture
The treatment is advisable to do it every 1 or 2 weeks and at least 3 sessions to achieve the effects we want.
Normally we recommend doing it every 2 weeks interspersed with an Indiba Radio Frequency session which will allow us to greatly enhance the results.
The indications of this combination are several:
-Facial rejuvenation and cleavage
-Elimination of stretch marks
-Facial spot treatment
-Acne Scars Treatment

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