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“I have never got any acne scars.” SAID NO ONE EVER!

With heat soaring up this summer your skin becomes oily which leads to open pores. These are going to be completely clogged up which can lead to acne. Liberate yourself from this skin scarring problem by taking a little extra care with these easy-to-follow cheat codes! Let’s take a look at how you can go about it:

1. Diet

What you eat is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet. There are certain foods in the food chain that trigger the happening of acne. Dairy products are packed with hormones that lead to the overproduction of oil glands and make your skin too oily. Eliminating certain oily food groups from your diet can add wonders to your healthy diet and help you get the skin you’ve always wanted.

2. Stress Level

Your stress level highly affects your emotional and physical health. Stress has also been linked to bad skin health. It leads to a major fluctuation in your hormonal levels that can lead to increased production of sebum. This will lead to outbursts of acne or pimples on your skin. If you get easily stressed out, you’d need to identify the trigger points and find ways to combat stress and stop dealing with the kind of negative energy.

3. Hygiene

While excessively washing and cleansing your skin can lead to harsh and dry skin, maintaining poor hygiene can lead to acne. A gentle cleanser that will extract the dirt will do the trick. Products that contain either retinoid or benzoyl peroxide can help slow down the overproduction of sebum and outbreaks of acne. If you wear makeup on a daily basis, always remember to either apply an exfoliating scrub or a make-up remover.

4. Detox

By detox, we don’t just mean eliminating toxin-inducing food from your diet but also being careful about what you apply on your skin. If you are not adequately hydrated, your skin will look dull and dry. You will develop dark circles gradually. Hence it is important to be hydrated. The best way to do is to drink a lot of water. It will detoxify your body and hence will help in the reduction of your fine lines. The charcoal-based products help in extracting dirt from the deep layers of the skin also helps in detoxifying.

Now that you know what you need to do to get that healthy glow, ensure that you follow these steps to limit the outbreaks and intensity of acne.

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