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Are you worried about all those viral myths on the internet? While some blaming your genetics, and the others scaring you off regarding going bald in your old age? Then take a moment off to shut all the rumour from your mind! And end the misconceptions that abound.

Let’s have a glance through the most common myths and back to fighting the real causes and keeping your hair strong and healthy.

1. Hair loss is genetically passed down from Father

This is the most common myth regarding hair loss. People assume that the roots of the hair are the cause of hair misfortune.

FACT – It is important to know that the transmission of this condition depends on dominant inheritance patterns. There is a possibility it can be inherited by either from the maternal or paternal side depending upon the ancestry hereditary patterns.

2. Hair Loss Treatment doesn’t work

It is a big myth that hair loss treatments deteriorates hair conditions and makes the hair weak.

FACT – Hair loss treatment actually boosts hair growth and helps to fight against thinning hair.

Some treatments are quite useful, especially hair implant and medications available in various clinics and hospitals, as these medically proven approaches have undergone scientific and clinical studies itself.

3. Hot water soothes the scalp

The most inevitable myth can be that hot water soothes your scalp, which is definitely not the case. Hot water will make your hair follicles brittle and weak and that will result in hair loss.

FACT – Hot water makes the roots of your hair dry and during summers even itchy. This may result in extra dryness and loss of your hair. One can instead use lukewarm water during the winter and not ignore the effective measures.

4. Applying sunscreen on your scalp leads to hair thinning

Are you looking for another reason to not apply sunscreen on your scalp? Sadly, this is just a myth because there is no evidence that sunscreen causes hair loss.

FACT – If you have a bald spot or evenly experiencing thinning hair, always be sure to apply SPF on that area to prevent the itchy and uncomfortable sunburns. This will make your hair follicles strong and is the best preventive measure for dryness during summer.

5. Regular hair wash leads to increase in hair fall

Well, bad news for all the shower-haters! Regular hair wash never leads to hair fall. Hair which has weak roots will always shed away.

FACT – Clean and healthy scalp is the best solution for happy hair. Shampooing your hair is significantly necessary for less dandruff scalp and leaves it feeling healthy and shiny.

6. Pulling one grey hair will result in having more

This is a myth we have all heard since childhood. It is like those preservative measures people kept on saying to avoid a single non-happenings. But this proved itself to be wrong!

FACT – Now take comfort in this busted theory. Experts have said that plucking hair may put stress on the follicle and your scalp but pulling a hair out can never cause it to grow back with the same color.

Now that you know pretty much about the wrong myths regarding hair loss, lay your hands on the factual care for your healthy and shiny hair!

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